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Packing for Camp

We strongly advise that best clothes are not brought to camp. It is primarily an outdoor holiday where clothes are likely to get dirty. Items of clothing are also sometimes lost because they have no names marked on them.

The following list is not designed to be exclusive:
* Toiletries: soap, towel, toothbrush etc
* A separate towel for use at the beach
* At least one full change of clothing, including footwear
* Several changes of underwear
* Wet weather clothing: waterproof coat, shoes or wellingtons
* Trainers, t-shirts, shorts
* Suitable footwear for wearing around camp (which can be kept dry)

No bedding or sleeping bags are required. We supply all duvets, pillows, sheets etc.
Please do not bring any electrical equipment. There is a high chance it could get broken or lost.

Spending Money

The children may wish to bring some spending money with them for use in the camp tuck shop and/or the village shops. We operate a banking system where we will collect the money in from the children at the start of the week and allow them to take out a pound or two each day if they wish – they can take out more if they wish to buy presents for home. This ensures the majority of the money will be stored safely and also helps them learn to manage their money sensibly. We would ask that they bring an absolute maximum of £35; we would consider even this amount to be excessive.


For the safety of the children in our care, we have a strict policy for the handling of medication at camp. Our helpers are not authorised to give any child over-the-counter medication without written permission from the parent or guardian. All prescribed medication must be brought to camp in its original packaging. The original packaging must identify the person the medication is prescribed for, the name of the medication, the dosage and the frequency of administration. This information will generally be displayed on the label detailing the pharmacist who issued the medication. Children requiring injections (insulin, etc.) will need to self-administer the medication as our staff are not generally trained in this area.

We will collect medication from the children when they arrive, unless it is something they need to keep with them at all times, such as an inhaler. Please note that we will have qualified first aiders on all weeks.

Camp Telephone

Should you need to get a message to us or to your child during camp, you may call 01289 389213. Please be aware that, since we are off site for most of the day, your call may be answered by a member of our caretaking or kitchen staff who are unlikely be able to help you immediately. They will of course pass on your message and the appropriate person will call you back at the earliest opportunity.

We will ALWAYS call you in case of emergency. If you do not hear from us then you should assume that your child is happy and having a fantastic time at camp. We discourage regular phone contact as it is usually the main cause of homesickness. However, we are very experienced in dealing with this issue and if a child is distressed we will make sure they contact you.

Mobile Phones

We would ask that your child does not bring a mobile phone to camp with them. If they need to do this for any reason, we will collect it from them on arrival and lock it away in the safe to be returned to them at the end of the week. Mobile phones can be easily lost or broken and, as explained above, can be a major cause of homesickness. Another issue with phones is that they could be used for taking photos/videos without other children’s permission. We are trying to help build self-confidence and independence in the children – our experience is that making regular calls home can affect this effort. As mentioned above, the camp telephone is always there in case of an emergency. We recognise that for many of the children it will be the first time they have been away from home for a week and that you will also miss them too. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Camp Rules

The rules of camp have been made as a result of many years of experience and they are there for the benefit of all the children. Our main aim is that EVERY CHILD remains completely safe and happy for the entire week.

So we ask the children to do these two simple things:

1. Make sure you have a great week
2. Make sure everyone else has a great week.

Our rules exist to allow us to meet this aim. The Camp Leader has the authority to send home any child who commits a serious breach of these rules. This is not something we would like to do, so please ensure you explain the rules to your child before they attend camp.

1. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
2. All activities are carried out under the supervision of our staff. No child is permitted to leave camp at any time without supervision.
3. All dormitories must be tidied each morning and silence must be observed at night.
4. Camp property and equipment must be respected – not misused or damaged.
5. We have a great relationship with the islanders and count many of them as good friends. The reputation we have is maintained by the good behaviour of the children. For this reason, the following rules must be observed when out on activities:
* Equipment belonging to the fishermen and farmers must not be touched (e.g. boats, lobster pots, nets, farming machinery etc)
* The farmers’ fields may only be entered with the direct permission of the Camp Leader
* Flowers should not be picked
* Wildlife should not be disturbed
* Litter must not be dropped

We ask that all children show respect for the staff, the islanders and each other. If they do this, they will help contribute to a fantastic atmosphere which will make the week so much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

And finally….

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We are sure that your child will have nothing less than an amazing week with us. Huge numbers have benefited from Holy Island Camp over the years, and many describe their week at camp as one of the best weeks of their lives. It is our pleasure to be involved in this unique opportunity, and we promise to do our very best to help all the children enjoy their week with us.