Hello and welcome to the SVP Ozanam Camp, Holy Island.
2019 Summer camp dates are below…

 Week Start Date  End Date
Girls Week 1  Sat 25th May 2019  Sat 1st June 2019
Girls Week 2   Sat 20st July 2019  Sat 27th July 2019
Girls Week 3  Sat 24th Aug 2019  Sat 31st Aug 2019
Boys Week 1  Sat 27th July 2019  Sat 3th Aug 2019
Boys Week 2   Sat 3th Aug 2019  Sat 10th Aug 2019
Boys Week 3  Sat 10th Aug 2019  Sat 17th Aug 2019
Boys Week 4  Sat 17th Aug 2019  Sat 24th Aug 2019


Summer camp volunteers – Applications are currently closed but we will be opening 2019 applications soon. Please check back soon!

Any enquires about volunteering for our Camps? Please contact:

Email holyislandhelpers@hotmail.com


If you are wanting to enquire about booking Term Time Camps or for the House or the Flat please contact Jacinta Hetherington on 07458091639